2017 schedule

April 2: Gypsy Mama’s Psychic Fair, Crystal Gardens Banquet Center, Howell MI 12-7pm
June 3-4 Gypsy Mama’s, Chesaning Fair Ground, 11-6
June 16-18 National Strawberry Festival, Belleville, MI
June 22-25 PaganFest, Belleville, MI
July 14-15 Celtic Festival, Saline, MI
August 11-12 Saline SummerFest, Saline MI
September 22-24 Clinton Harvest Festival, Clinton, MI
October 7-8 AppleFest, New Boston, MI
October 13-15 Appleumpkin, Tecumseh, MI

November and December dates are still up in the air, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Spring Festival Schedule

Wyrmtales Press will be at several festivals this spring/summer, and with some new offerings. I have some coloring books, containing pictures from Dragons and Dreams and Fairies and Fireflies. In addition, there will be a new collection of stories, The Wood and the Wildfolk, which is a prequel to The Wizard and the Woods.

The festivals we’ll be at are:

May 21: Flight of Fantasy at the Howell Nature Center. For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/events/229478290741980/

May 26-30: The Sumpter Township County Fest in Belleville MI. For more information, see http://sumptertwp.com/Country_Fest.php

June 4-5: The Gypsy Goddess Summer Fest in Chesaning, MI. For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/events/1654834604800420/

June 23-26: Michigan Pagan Fest at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville, MI, For more information, see https://www.facebook.com/events/858832610878959/

July 8-9: Saline Celtic Festival in Saline, MI. For more information see http://www.salineceltic.org/

The Wood and the Wildfolk

as some of you may know, my best beloved cover artist is quite ill. This has held up release of The Wood and the Wildfolk (although not as much as my own illness this past year, I must admit).

I’m fortunate to have found a wonderful cover artist for Wood and the Wildfolk – her style is close enough to Todd’s that I think it will blend well, without being identical. I’ve just seen her sketches for Wood and the Wildfolk, and am very pleased with her work. With luck, I’ll have the printed version available for the Fairy Festin Jackson on April 23.

I hope to see you there.

2016 Schedule

2016 Events

2016 is filling up fast! If you know of a festival or fete where you’d like to see me, please contact me!

I am also available for school or library visits. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information.

*Items marked with an asterisk are Society for Creative Anachronism events.

9th 12th Night at Hidden Springs Church, Howell Michigan*
22-24 Confusion SF Convention, Novi Sheriton, Novi Michigan

13th Val Day, Kalamazoo, MI *

23-24 Jackson School of the Arts Fairy Fest

4-5 Gypsy Goddess Festival, Saganaw, MI
23-26 Pagan Fest, Wayne County Fairgrounds, Belleville, MI

8-9 Saline Celtic Festival

23-25 Clinton Fall Festival, Clinton MI

7-9 Appleumpkin, Tecumseh MI

5-6 Airport High School, 11330 Grafton Rd, Carleton, MI 48117

It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile since I last posted. A lot of life happened all at once (including a wonderful visit with family in California that lasted a week longer than expected), and The Wood and the Wildfolk (the prequel to The Wizard and the Wood) just wasn’t coming together the way I’d hoped it would. I’m currently aiming for a spring 2016 release for it.

I’ve been doing a lot of festivals, too, which are fun but exhausting. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, and some great kids.

We have two more festivals planned for this year, the first two weekends in December:

Christmas in Ida is December 4-6 – we’ll be in the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 1920 Lewis Ave, Ida Michigan.

On Saturday December 12, we’ll be at a smaller show at the Dundee Assembly of God church at 13790 S. Custer Drive, Dundee MI

Let me remind you that books (of any sort, not just mine) make great holiday gifts!

I’m putting together quite an aggressive festival season for 2016, so if you have any suggestions for good places for me to apply, please let me know.

Have a great holiday season, what ever holiday you celebrate, and I’ll look to see you next year.

The Wizard and the Wood

I am very pleased to announce the publication of The Wizard and the Wood. This book is a sequel to Fairies and Fireflies, taking place in the wood just north of the Wide Wild Field.

As a special gift to people who purchase and review this book on Amazon, if you send me a link to your review, I’ll send you a special, unpublished story, The 13th Fairy. Email me at [email protected]

Deep in the Wood, near a small city in southeastern Michigan, is a nature conservancy. There is a small education center and a gift shop that looks out at a bird feeder area with a pond. You can watch the birds and the fish in an indoor aquarium for hours. There are also walking paths, with interesting signs identifying plants and animals along the trail. Overlooking the children’s garden, a bronze statue stands of a little girl who died too young. And, if you come at just the right time of day and at the right season, you might hear wild Gypsy music faintly on the breeze.

There is also a secret, and the secret is this. In addition to protecting trees, birds and animals, it is also a safe, protected place for magical creatures such as elves, fairies, and dragons. To the outside world, it’s known as a nature conservancy. To the folk who live there, it’s the Wide Wild Wood.

New Appearances

On Thursday, from 5 to 9pm, I’ll be at Michigan Wares in downtown Tecumseh, MI, talking about my books. Other Michigan artists will be there too, as part of the Downtown Divas and Dusk event. It sounds like it’ll be a great time.

Michigan Wares is at 116 S. Evans Street, in Tecumseh, MI 49286. For more information, you can call them at (517) 423-3735.

And don’t forget, I’ll be doing a reading and talking about fairy tales on April 4 at the Northfield Public Library 11-1.

I hope to see some of you there.