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Nov 29

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I have 2 new books coming out shortly. Fairies and Fireflies is aimed at a younger set than Dragons and Dreams was, and continues the adventures of Butterfly-Fairy and her friends. Quests and Fairy Queens is aimed toward the older audience of D&D. I have a fabulous map for F&F, and I’m hoping that both books will be illustrated.

I just don’t know when Fairies and Fireflies will be available – I’m hoping mid December, but it may not be until January – which pushes back Quests and Fairy Queens to maybe February or March. There are a couple of short stories I’d like to get out in December, though, just as single stories.

BUT! I now have this snazzy new way of letting people know when new books and stories are available.  If you sign up here:

I’ll automatically email you when something new is available. I also promise to not email you unless something is available – this is an announcement mailing list only.

So if you’re curious when the next book will be coming out, please sign up!

Nov 22

Missing in Action

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If I’ve been missing in action lately, it’s because I had abdominal surgery, and it’s taking me a while to get back to normal.

I’m still hoping to have Fairies and Fireflies out by December 1 – sans illustrations, but with a glorious map by Rob at cartocopia.com. I’m having difficulties with a cover, since the Inimitable Todd Hamilton (who did the Dragons and Dreams cover) has also been unwell. We’ll see what I can scare up as a temporary cover until Todd is better able to help me.

I’ve also seen some preliminary interior art for Quests and Fairy Queens, and I think that will be spectacular. That one I’m aiming for a February release – again, cover issues may stall things.