a couple of new fairy tale themed books

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Sep 28

I’ve been reading a bunch of fairy-tale themed books lately. If you’re interested in something scholarly, I highly recommend Jack Zipes’ book The Irresistible Fairy Tale. I’m currently reading his collection, The Great Fairy Tale Tradition.

The one problem that I’m having with these books is that the print is awfully small. I picked up The Irresistible Fairy Tale in kindle format as well as in print – to have it in print as a reference book, and in kindle format to be able to read it.

I’d do the same for The Great Fairy Tale Tradition, but it doesn’t seem to be available in eformat. Not only is the print small, but the paper is very thin, which makes for difficult reading.

Then there’s Mirror Mirror, a collection of 5 fairy-tale themed stories, novellas, really, written by a number of romance writers, including my beloved JD Robb (who is really Nora Roberts) – I am *so* hooked on her In Death books!

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