Blog Tour Authors

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Sep 02

The Blog Tour authors are as follows – go check out their pages!

1) VA Jeffry-Victoria Jeffry Blog Link: http://www.epistlepublishing.com Featured Books: The Green Door, The Pumpkin Princess and The Winter Wolves

2)H.Y. Hanna Blog Link: http://mystery.bighoneydog.com/ Featured Book: Big Honey Dog Mysteries: Curse of the Scarab

3) Sibel Hodge: Website: http://www.sibelhodge.com/ Featured Book: It’s A Catastrophe

4) Vivienne Mathews Blog: http://viviennemathews.blogspot.com/ Featured Book: The Sons of Masguard and the Mosque Hill Fortune

4) W.N.Rae Book: The Night Clock Website: http://otherrealmspost.tumblr.com/

5) Becca Price Website: http://www.wyrmtalespress.com/ Featured Book: Dragon and Dreams Bedtime Stories

6) Scott Pixello Facebook Page link: https://www.facebook.com/scott.pixello Featured Book: Rainbow

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