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Oct 24

So I’ve got a blurb for the new collection, but am still undecided as to the title. Originally it was Fables and Fireflies, but then all the fables got pulled for the third collection (coming early 2014). Then I though In the Wide, Wild Field, but someone said that sounded too much like a nature book rather than a book of bedtime fairy tales. Someone else has suggested Fairies and Fields.

I like the ring of In the Wide, Wild Field, because I like the “Back of the North Wind” vibe from it, but it’s true that it sounds like a nature book.

Comments, or suggestions?

oh, yes. The blurb reads:

In the Wide, Wild Field, friendship is bigger than fear, and can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

A butterfly fairy gets a kitten, raids a beehive, and makes friends with a firefly. Urisk the brownie gets a new home, and finds help overcoming his fear of the dark. Fireflies learn that friends come in all shapes and sizes, and let you be who you really are.

Six bedtime stories will enchant children ages 3-7.

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