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Dec 19

Child of Promise sale

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From Solstice (Dec 21) to Christmas (December 25), my Season of Light book, Child of Promise, will be free in the kindle version.


The paper version is currently $6.00, but will go up to $8.00 on January 1, 2015.

This book will make a great Christmas gift, and reading it aloud to your children during the Season of Light can become a great new family tradition.

Dec 09

Looking for an unusual Christmas gift?

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Are you looking for an interesting or unusual Christmas gift? If so, I’d like to recommend Child of Promise or Bridge of Seven Stones.

Child of Promise is a different look at a Christmas or Solstice story. It’s sweet without being preachy or saccharine. One reviewer said of it “This elegant story treats the essence of the Season of Light in a spiritually uplifting, secular manner that will appeal to readers of all faiths.One reviewer said, on Amazon, “This is the best children’s story I have read in years. Timeless and dreamlike, the story reminded me of classic fairy-tales and fables – the type of story you’d read to a child at bedtime. The message at the end is positive and uplifting. I highly recommend it to parents.”

While Bridge of Seven Stones is about losing baby teeth, it’s also about transitions of any sort. It acknowledges the losses of transitions while celebrating the new things to come. Whether you’re 5 or 55, Bridge of Seven Stones can help you celebrate life’s changes.