Clinton Fall Festival report

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Sep 30

The Clinton Fall Festival last weekend was great fun – we met a few other authors, both aspiring and already published, and had some great conversations with fellow artists and vendors. It was tiring, and the only thing that made it possible was Son and Friends coming down to help us set up on Thursday and tear down again on Sunday. It was exhausting, but we look forward to doing it again next year. We added a lot of people to our mailing list (I hope to get all the email addresses entered this week), and introduced a lot of people to our stories.

For me the best part happened Sunday. First, the people next door to us (who do some amazing woodwork), having heard our spiel all weekend, came over and bought a copy of one of our collections. Then, some people who had bought Dragons and Dreams on Saturday came back to buy Fairies and Fireflies, after having read some of the D&D stories. That was very gratifying.

I’m *hoping* to have our next book, Bridge of 7 Stones (otherwise known as the Tooth Troll story) out by November or December. It’ll be a great book for parents of children who are beginning to lose their baby teeth.

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