The Wizard and the Wood

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May 14

I am very pleased to announce the publication of The Wizard and the Wood. This book is a sequel to Fairies and Fireflies, taking place in the wood just north of the Wide Wild Field.

As a special gift to people who purchase and review this book on Amazon, if you send me a link to your review, I’ll send you a special, unpublished story, The 13th Fairy. Email me at [email protected].

Deep in the Wood, near a small city in southeastern Michigan, is a nature conservancy. There is a small education center and a gift shop that looks out at a bird feeder area with a pond. You can watch the birds and the fish in an indoor aquarium for hours. There are also walking paths, with interesting signs identifying plants and animals along the trail. Overlooking the children’s garden, a bronze statue stands of a little girl who died too young. And, if you come at just the right time of day and at the right season, you might hear wild Gypsy music faintly on the breeze.

There is also a secret, and the secret is this. In addition to protecting trees, birds and animals, it is also a safe, protected place for magical creatures such as elves, fairies, and dragons. To the outside world, it’s known as a nature conservancy. To the folk who live there, it’s the Wide Wild Wood.

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