Teddy O’Malley’s The Fairy’s Bubble Wand

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Sep 12

I recently got to read Teddy O’Malley’s book The Fairy’s Bubble Wand. This is a cute story about Fay, the Fairy King’s daughter, and a human girl named Vadaya. Vadaya’s big sister and main friend is going away to college, and as a going away givt, she gives Vadaya a tube of bubble-stuff to cheer her up.

Meanwhile, Fay has been failing Fairy School, and is depressed and sad, because she so much wants her father to be proud of her. Somehow, Vadaya winds up the same size as Fay, and they go off to rescue Fay’s father, who has gotten lost. Both girls lack self-confidence, but working together they manage to escape the Ice Fairies and have other adventures, while Fay discovers her fairy magic and Vadaya discovers what Fay calls here “human magic”. Through their cleverness, and a work of advanced magic that Fay isn’t supposed to be able to do, the girls rescue Fay’s faather, and all ends happily.

This is a charming book, simply told with nice, clean writing. It might seem a bit young for children who can read it for themselves, but they’ll be captivated by Fay and Vadaya and their adventures. The chapters make nice breaks, so it would be good to read a chapter or two at bedtime.

I hope there’s a followup story with more adventures for Fay and Vadaya – I’ll certainly read them, if there are.

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