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Aug 26

I’ve just added Field, Forest and Fairies as an Amazon e-book. It contains the full text and pictures from Fairies and Fireflies, The Wood and the Wildfolk, and the Wizard and the Wood. By the end of August it should also be available as a paperback.

I’ve finalized the text of Siren’s Song, and it will go for illustrations by September 1. This is an unusual book, and will be lavishly illustrated. I hope to have it available by the first of the year, both in paperback and hardcover.

I’ve just started my YA/Adult fantasy novel, The Boy Who Loved The Moon. I’m aiming for completion by 2019, but since it’s my first real novel, rather than a collection of short stories, I don’t know how long it will take. It involves a Neolithic hunter/gatherer young man, and a 14th Century warrior/bard on the Isle of Mythos, and their interactions with the personification of The Moon. I’ve got plotted some interesting twists that I hope you’ll like when it finally comes out.

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