Oct 16

New Snarls Cover!

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The Snarls has always stood out, not only because it’s the only book printed with color pictures inside, but because the cover didn’t match my other covers. The inestimable Todd Hamilton has created his version of the Snarls cover, but made it so that it matches the other covers of my book.

Some people felt the old cover was too scary. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether this is an improvement on that front.

Sep 30

Clinton Fall Festival report

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The Clinton Fall Festival last weekend was great fun – we met a few other authors, both aspiring and already published, and had some great conversations with fellow artists and vendors. It was tiring, and the only thing that made it possible was Son and Friends coming down to help us set up on Thursday and tear down again on Sunday. It was exhausting, but we look forward to doing it again next year. We added a lot of people to our mailing list (I hope to get all the email addresses entered this week), and introduced a lot of people to our stories.

For me the best part happened Sunday. First, the people next door to us (who do some amazing woodwork), having heard our spiel all weekend, came over and bought a copy of one of our collections. Then, some people who had bought Dragons and Dreams on Saturday came back to buy Fairies and Fireflies, after having read some of the D&D stories. That was very gratifying.

I’m *hoping* to have our next book, Bridge of 7 Stones (otherwise known as the Tooth Troll story) out by November or December. It’ll be a great book for parents of children who are beginning to lose their baby teeth.

Sep 16

Faerie Fest and other appearances

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The Faerie Fest and Dragon Days in Jackson was a modified success. Financially, we did pretty well, but it was *cold* and of course the merchants were in the shade. The director said that there were maybe 250 children there, which was pretty good considering that the day started out rainy and it was overcast for much of the day. We still had a ball, and are looking forward to going back next year.

Don’t forget, you can also find us at Booth B20 at the Clinton Fall Festival September 26-28. We’ll be delighted to see you, if you stop by to say hi.

In October 10-12 I’ll be at ConClave – you can buy my books at Larry and Sally’s booth in the vendor room. I’ll be on a couple of panels, mostly about self-publishing, so again, stop by and say hi.

In November, I’ll be at the Holiday Bazaar on the 8th in Pinckney – I’ll let you know more about it when I know more.

And on Sunday, December 7, I’ll be doing a reading at the Brighton Library 2-4. There will probably be books for sale too. Again, I’ll let you know more as I learn more.

I’m also scheduled to be at the Northfield Township Public Library, but no date has been set yet.

Aug 30

Study Guides for Teachers and Home Schoolers

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A few friends, who are studying to be teachers, and I are putting together study guides to be used with my fairy tale books for grades 1-4. They’re not available yet. I’m hoping to have a first version done by the Clinton Fall Festival but that’s such a short time to get them finished, proofed, and laid out that it may not be possible.

These study guides will associate tasks and games with common core requirements, and will include puzzles and pictures that the teacher can copy and hand out. The study guide not only looks at the stories themselves, but introduces concepts of story structure, such as beginning, middle, and end.

If there’s anything special that you would like to see us add to the study guide, please let me know, either in the comments here or at [email protected]

Aug 27

More Exciting Times

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Exciting things are going on here at Wyrm Tales Press. Not only is Fairies and Fireflies now available in illustrated format, but my sort-of Christmas story, Child of Promise is now illustrated and should go live in a few days. I’m hoping that an illustrated version of Dragons and Dreams will be available sometime in September.

Speaking of September, you can meet The Wyrm at the Fairy Fest and Dragon Days on September 13 at the Dahlem Environmental Education Center in Jackson, MI. We’ll also be appearing at the Clinton Fall Festival, September 26 – 28

Child of promise cover

Aug 04

Fairies and Fireflies now with illustrations!

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I am delighted — elated — overjoyed to announce that Fairies and Fireflies is available in both kindle and print with illustrations by Sara Anderson. We’re slowly getting Sara to illustrate all our books, both past and upcoming. If you own an eversion of Fairies and Fireflies, and would like to up grade to the illustrated version, just drop me a line at [email protected] and let me know what format works best for you, and I’ll be happy to send you the new version.


Aug 02

Illustrated versions are coming soon!

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I’m so excited! I just got the final layout for the illustrated version of Fairies and Fireflies, and it’s wonderful. I also got the layout for Child of Promise, but since that’s a Christmas story (sort of), I should probably hold off publishing the new version until late November – which is going to be hard, because it’s gorgeous.

Slowly, slowly, all my books are going to be illustrated. Meanwhile, the Work in Progress is going slowly, but that’s ok for right now.

Jun 14

Indy Book Rebels Podcast

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Vivienne Mathews and I were just interviewed on the Indy Book Rebels podcast, about writing and marketing children’s books. Unedited, it’s about 2 hours – Vivienne had some problems with her phone line dropping out. I got to read A Princess for Tea from Dragons and Dreams, and it was very well received. Vivienne read an adorable story in rhyme called Jax and Mack, which is available on Kindle. She also has a middle-grade series called The Sons of Masguard – the first book is free on the kindle – the series sounds really cute (I just downloaded book 1) so check out her books.

and don’t forget to listen to the podcast! it’s at http://www.blogtalkradio.com /indiebookrebels and you’ll get to hear me read A Princess for Tea!