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Dragons and Dreams: Bedtime Stories

Brave princesses, grumpy dragons, princes competing for a kingdom, and children seeking answers to age-old questions. These six modern fairy tales include stories for pleasant dreams, and stories for stirring thought. They are just the right length for bedtime reading. Each is a gem that will delight the entire family

Fairies and Fireflies: Bedtime Stories

A butterfly fairy gets a kitten, raids a beehive, and makes friends with a firefly. Urisk the brownie gets a new home, and finds help overcoming his fear of the dark. Fireflies learn that friends come in all shapes and sizes, and let you be who you really are.

This collection includes the bonus story, Sunflower, which was also published in Dragons and Dreams.

​The Wood and the Wildfolk

Deep in a wood near a small city in Southeastern Michigan, there is a secret.

A safe, protected place exists for magical creatures such as elves, fairies, and dragons. To the outside world, it's an ordinary nature preserve. To the folk who live there, it's the Wide Wild Wood.

If you go, be careful of what you see and what you hear since you may find and hear more than you expected.

The Wildfolk who live in the Wide Wild Wood are very private.
And they like to keep their secrets

The Wizard and the Wood

"I'm dying." Only a special kind of wizard could hear the cry that was carried by the whispery winds. Only a special kind of wizard could answer it.

He followed the cry to the Wide Wild Wood, a place that should have been filled with magic and wonder. But the dryad, the guardian of the Wide Wild Wood, was gone. Without its Guardian, The Wood had sunk into sadness. Its waters sat dark and stagnate, its creatures hid, its plants grew unhealthy. Not even a very special wizard could dispel the sadness by himself. But if the wildfolk came to his aid, he might just have a chance.

​Individual Stories

The Snarls: A hair combing story

​​​The Snarls. They live on pillows and in the wind, just waiting to move into long, fine, or curly hair. And when they move in, they make nests, and more snarls, and more nests. But they also have their natural enemies: a comb, a brush, and the dreaded Detangler spray.

This charming story makes hair combing of difficult hair not only enjoyable but a silly experience.

Heart of Rock

​In the distant past, a city of wizards was menaced by horrible Night Mares. The wizards carved hideous gargoyles out of stone, bringing them to life using the magical Heart of Rock, to defend their city.

Now the Heart of Rock is needed to save another kingdom, and one brave cobbler must find it.
But the gargoyles cannot live without their talisman; will the cobbler's quest to save his kingdom doom theirs?

"Heart of Rock" is three interconnected short stories that look at the question: when one questing hero finds a magical amulet, what happens to those who've lost it?

The Transitions Cycle

​The three books in the Transitions cycle take you on a journey from birth and growing up (Bridge of Seven Stones) through discovering the promise in others and your self (Child of Promise) to death and life (Sirens' Song). Each book is complete ​and can be read by  itself, but together they can lead to new ​insights.

​Bridge of Seven Stones

Growing up can be exciting...and scary.

A child leaves the safety of the Garden of the Morning and begins exploring the Gardens of Growing Up.

The Bridge of Seven Stones is a story about losing teeth, and growing up. An alternative to the Tooth Fairy story, it recognizes the losses of familiar ways and things, and shows how each new stage leads to new and wonderful discoveries.

Bridge of Seven Stones is the first book in the Transitions cycle. ​

​Child of Promise

In Agnes's village, the fields are rocky, the summers are dry, the winters are hard, and worst of all everyone is unhappy. Until, that is, young Agnes travels to the top of the mountain and brings down a truth that will transform the town forever.

This elegant story treats the essence of the Season of Light in a spiritually uplifting manner that will appeal to readers of all faiths or none.

Child of Promise is the second book in the Transitions cycle. ​

​Sirens' Song

No animal on Earth can resist the pull into the circle of life. Join Cohelo's salmon school as they swim their most difficult journey.

One salmon, Cohelo, overcomes many dangers to reach the headwaters of her birth and is able to lay her own eggs, completing the cycle of life. Every life enriches the world around us.

Sirens' Song is the third book in the ​transitions ​cycle.

​Boxed Set

Field, Forest, and Fairies

​This collection of 18 fairy stories contains the complete text and illustrations of Fairies and Fireflies, The Wood and the Wildfolk, and The Wizard and the Wood.