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Children have always delighted in fairy tales, tales of adventure and challenge in magical lands where dragons live and The Dark is a thing to be feared and explored. From the original Grimm’s fairy tales through Andrew Lang’s colorful fairy books to modern classics like Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess, there will always be a need for, and a place for, fairy tales. My fairy tales continues on in this tradition, with silly, serious, and poetic stories

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The Books

Dragons and Dreams: Bedtime Stories

Dragons and Dreams cover
Brave princesses, grumpy dragons, princes competing for a kingdom, and children seeking answers to age-old questions. These six modern fairy tales include stories for pleasant dreams, and stories for stirring thought. They are just the right length for bedtime reading. Each is a gem that will delight the entire family.

Fairies and Fireflies: Bedtime Stories

Fairies and Fireflies cover
In the Wide, Wild Field, friendship is bigger than fear, and can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

A butterfly fairy gets a kitten, raids a beehive, and makes friends with a firefly. Urisk the brownie gets a new home, and finds help overcoming his fear of the dark. Fireflies learn that friends come in all shapes and sizes, and let you be who you really are.

Illustrated by Sara Anderson

This collection includes the bonus story, Sunflower, which was also published in Dragons and Dreams.

Individual Stories

Heart of Rock

Heart of Rock cover
Two kingdoms in crisis. Two heroes. One amulet.

In the distant past, a city of wizards was menaced by horrible Nightmares. The wizards carved hideous gargoyles out of stone, bringing them to life using the magic Heart of Rock, to defend their city.

Now the Heart of Rock is needed to save another kingdom, and a one brave cobbler must find it.

But the gargoyles cannot live without their talisman; will the cobbler’s quest to save his kingdom doom theirs?

The Snarls

The Snarls cover
The Snarls. They live on pillows and in the wind, just waiting to move into long, fine, or curly hair. And when they move in, they make nests, and more Snarls, and more nests. But they also have their natural enemies: a comb, a brush, and the dreaded Detangler spray!
This charming story makes hair combing of difficult hair not only enjoyable but a silly experience.

Illustrated by Tanya Gleadall.

Child of Promise

Child of Promise  cover
When a small village is besieged by one setback after another, looming
winter threatens to destroy it. Young Agnes is the only one brave
enough to climb the mountain to seek wisdom and guidance from the
spirits of the mountains.

This elegant story treats the essence of the Season of Light in a
spiritually uplifting, secular manner that will appeal to readers of
all faiths.

Illustrated by Sara Anderson.

This story also appears in the collection Dragons and Dreams.

Bridge of Seven Stones

Bridge of Seven Stones cover
A child leaves the safety of the Garden of the Morning and begins exploring the Gardens of Growing Up.

The Bridge of Seven Stones is a story about losing teeth, and growing up. An alternative to the Tooth Fairy story, it recognizes the losses of familiar ways and things, and shows how each new stage leads to new and wonderful discoveries.

This book was designed not only to be read, at least not aloud as a bedtime story, although it could be. It was designed to give parents an idea, an alternative to the tooth-fairy story, a way to celebrate the loss of a baby tooth and to prepare the child for the transitions that come with growing up. This story can be acted out, to help a child proclaim:

“I’m not a baby anymore.”

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