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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Full Text: Becca Price is an American author who writes children’s fantasy fiction. Following on from the success of Dragons and Dreams comes this new collection of bedtime stories, aimed at children (or more specifically girls) ages between 3 and 7.

My girls are 5 and 7 so I read these stories to them to guage their opinions. They both loved the adventures of Butterfly-Fairy. The stories are just the right length for bedtime, in fact they are short enough to allow for more than one at a time. There is always some good that comes out of each story too, for example in Sunflower, the kitten that Butterfly-Fairy wishes for is too large for her to play with, so she gives it to a lonely child instead. These stories are simple and well-told. Of course, if your child has no interest in fairies, then this book wouldn’t be for them, but both of my girls do so they loved this. The only thing missing in our opinion are some illustrations.

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Heart of Rock

5 out of 5 stars

Last year Becca Price released a charming collection of dragon fairy tales suitable for mellow bedtime reading. (Appropriately titled Dragons and Dreams: Bedtime Stories.) It was a cheerful effort that displayed a nice sense of humor, so I was encouraged to read this new book.

“Heart of Rock” is a bit different. It is a single fairy tale in three acts, with each act ending with a solution to a problem that bears within it the seeds of a future problem. The final resolution is based on cooperation and good will among the characters, and ends on a clear, high note.

These sorts of stories can be very challenging because the author has to strike the right tone consistently; if something feels odd or weird instead of funny, or if some character’s behavior is inconsistent, or if there is an undercurrent of sourness or sarcasm, the whole thing can fall apart. Ms. Price has a nice touch, the story is clear and well developed and explained, the ending is positive, and good is rewarded. (And no one is eaten.)

So, a nice choice for an early reader or as a read with.

Dragons and Dreams

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful stories!
These stories are wonderful! They’re written in a mature style that is true to the old-world fairy tales I remember from my childhood. I tend to love anything these days that takes you back to the values and virtues of the pre-industrial/pre-high-tech world. I haven’t read any tales in this style that I liked for a very long time. The meanings embedded in them are terrifically relevant for both children and adults. How many books do you read these days that actually communicate the deepest values of community, honesty, and inner resourcefulness without the clutter of modern language and references? I hope this author has many more stories like these up her sleeve – they are simply magical.

Child of Promise

5.0 out of 5 stars nice fairy tale

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Have not read fairy tales for 50 some years so this book brought back memories.
It’s told in the same style that I remember from so long ago and in a way that both adults and little ones can enjoy it. It’s good enough that even if whoever you read it to falls asleep you likely will want to finish it by yourself.

The Snarls

4.0 out of 5 stars Cute read, June 26, 2014

This review is from: The Snarls: A Hair Combing Story: (Illustrated) (Kindle Edition)
Cute story. My child, one who has chronic snarls, loved it. She is still talking about the Snarls and the Tangles and giggled through the book.