Coming Attractions!

Please see the Events page for a list of all the appearances I have scheduled for 2015. I am also available3 for school or library visits. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information.

Child of Promise sale

From Solstice (Dec 21) to Christmas (December 25), my Season of Light book, Child of Promise, will be free in the kindle version.

The paper version is currently $6.00, but will go up to $8.00 on January 1, 2015.

This book will make a great Christmas gift, and reading it aloud to your children during the Season of Light can become a great new family tradition.

Looking for an unusual Christmas gift?

Are you looking for an interesting or unusual Christmas gift? If so, I’d like to recommend Child of Promise or Bridge of Seven Stones.

Child of Promise is a different look at a Christmas or Solstice story. It’s sweet without being preachy or saccharine. One reviewer said of it “This elegant story treats the essence of the Season of Light in a spiritually uplifting, secular manner that will appeal to readers of all faiths.One reviewer said, on Amazon, “This is the best children’s story I have read in years. Timeless and dreamlike, the story reminded me of classic fairy-tales and fables – the type of story you’d read to a child at bedtime. The message at the end is positive and uplifting. I highly recommend it to parents.”

While Bridge of Seven Stones is about losing baby teeth, it’s also about transitions of any sort. It acknowledges the losses of transitions while celebrating the new things to come. Whether you’re 5 or 55, Bridge of Seven Stones can help you celebrate life’s changes.

Bridge of Seven Stones is now available

Know anyone who has lost or is losing a tooth? Bridge of Seven Stones is my family’s take on the tooth fairy story.

A child leaves the safety of the Garden of the Morning and begins exploring the Gardens of Growing Up.

The Bridge of Seven Stones is a story about losing teeth, and growing up. An alternative to the Tooth Fairy story, it recognizes the losses of familiar ways and things, and shows how each new stage leads to new and wonderful discoveries.

This book was designed not only to be read, at least not aloud as a bedtime story, although it could be. It was designed to give parents an idea, an alternative to the tooth-fairy story, a way to celebrate the loss of a baby tooth and to prepare the child for the transitions that come with growing up. This story can be acted out, to help a child proclaim:
“I’m not a baby anymore.”


A Gratifying Sale

I had a small Christmas Bazaar at the local Masonic Hall a week or so ago. One of the helper girls, maybe 13 or 15 (it’s hard for me to tell now that my own kids are grown up) kept coming back and looking at Fairies and Fireflies, and finally bought it. Everytime I saw her that she wasn’t working, she was reading it. Finally, just before closing, she came back with more money to buy Dragons and Dreams. I told her I was really glad she was enjoying my books. She said “I never read” and went skipping happily off with her new books. When I offered to sign them for her, she just glowed.

What was even nicer was when her mother found me the following Saturday at another small bazaar in the same town, and purchased my other books for her daughter.

It’s for reasons like that that I do even the small festivals and bazaars. That kind of feedback is gold. If I hadn’t sold anything else (and, given the size of the bazaar, we did pretty well – better than I anticipated), the whole day would have been worth it just for that one girl.

Last of 2014 appearances

I’ll be at the Brighton Public Library December 7 from 2-4, possibly doing a reading.

I’ll also have a new book there, Bridge of Seven Stones. It’s my family’s take on the Tooth Fairy story, with some odd twists.

As soon as I have a 2015 schedule set (maybe mid-December), I’ll post it.

Have happy holidays!

New Snarls Cover!

The Snarls has always stood out, not only because it’s the only book printed with color pictures inside, but because the cover didn’t match my other covers. The inestimable Todd Hamilton has created his version of the Snarls cover, but made it so that it matches the other covers of my book.

Some people felt the old cover was too scary. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether this is an improvement on that front.

Clinton Fall Festival report

The Clinton Fall Festival last weekend was great fun – we met a few other authors, both aspiring and already published, and had some great conversations with fellow artists and vendors. It was tiring, and the only thing that made it possible was Son and Friends coming down to help us set up on Thursday and tear down again on Sunday. It was exhausting, but we look forward to doing it again next year. We added a lot of people to our mailing list (I hope to get all the email addresses entered this week), and introduced a lot of people to our stories.

For me the best part happened Sunday. First, the people next door to us (who do some amazing woodwork), having heard our spiel all weekend, came over and bought a copy of one of our collections. Then, some people who had bought Dragons and Dreams on Saturday came back to buy Fairies and Fireflies, after having read some of the D&D stories. That was very gratifying.

I’m *hoping* to have our next book, Bridge of 7 Stones (otherwise known as the Tooth Troll story) out by November or December. It’ll be a great book for parents of children who are beginning to lose their baby teeth.

Faerie Fest and other appearances

The Faerie Fest and Dragon Days in Jackson was a modified success. Financially, we did pretty well, but it was *cold* and of course the merchants were in the shade. The director said that there were maybe 250 children there, which was pretty good considering that the day started out rainy and it was overcast for much of the day. We still had a ball, and are looking forward to going back next year.

Don’t forget, you can also find us at Booth B20 at the Clinton Fall Festival September 26-28. We’ll be delighted to see you, if you stop by to say hi.

In October 10-12 I’ll be at ConClave – you can buy my books at Larry and Sally’s booth in the vendor room. I’ll be on a couple of panels, mostly about self-publishing, so again, stop by and say hi.

In November, I’ll be at the Holiday Bazaar on the 8th in Pinckney – I’ll let you know more about it when I know more.

And on Sunday, December 7, I’ll be doing a reading at the Brighton Library 2-4. There will probably be books for sale too. Again, I’ll let you know more as I learn more.

I’m also scheduled to be at the Northfield Township Public Library, but no date has been set yet.